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Monday, December 15, 2008
Kyle Ballard remembers Joey

Joey, you are like a role model to me. I always look up to you. One memory I will always have is a couple of years ago, both of our parents went out for the night, and you were babysitting me, Lauren, Michelle, and Virginia at my house. My mom had gotten us a pizza to make. And after we all ate, the girls went to Lauren’s room to watch movies, or whatever, and you went with me to play video games in my room. I remember we were playing Mario Kart and you kept beating me, and you kept on encouraging me to do better. I still remember you saying, “come on Kyle, you can do it, try to beat me.” And then I beat him, but I think he let me, just to make me happy. It was a fun night, and I will never forget it. I miss ya JOEY,

your friend KYLE.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Scott Birmingham remembers Joey


Well I’ve known joey ever since he and his family moved out to our lil’ country side. When I first met Joey it was through Levi and Britanny and they were just riding bikes around…and as time passed we became pretty good friends in elementary school and some middle school…we always rode bikes around and didn’t have a care to life. Joey was a great guy that always seem to live life to the fullest, even when we starting parting ways with who we were hanging out with we would say hi to each other and wave whenever we had the chance. Joey was someone that was always able to make friends. He seemed to have a soft side to his heart that he did show and anyone that knew him knows what I’m talking about. I’ll always remember Joey from way back in the day during 4th and 5th grade always playing sports against the younger grade and the bus rides home. and I hope that his family knows he will always be in my prayers and heart…luv ya man

Scott Birmingham

Monday, December 8, 2008
Claudia Alves remembers Joey

I think the first time I met Joey was when he came with Blake and Laken to pick up our daughter, Emily to go snowboarding. Blake always, very politely came to the door to get her and help her carry her things. I, being the worrisome mother went out to remind Joey that he had Emily with him and to drive careful and get her back home safely. He was always very polite and assured me he would do just that. For some reason I always felt she would be safe driving up there with him. The times Joey came to our house he was always very friendly and very polite. Joey had a way of making both of our daughters feel very special (as he did for everyone). With Emily he was always a very good listener but also had to add in his own opinion too. She knew she would always be able to count on him for anything. With Carly, I remember her being very proud to know him when she was just a freshman and know that he always “had her back”. She felt very special when Joey and Blake said “they would kick any guy’s ass if he broke her heart!” Even though we all knew that Joey was way too nice of a guy to hurt anyone, it made Carly feel very special. I shared a special memory of Joey at his Rosary but I would like to share it again. It was a typical Sunday morning when my daughters and I went to church… not something they ever got up eagerly willing to do. The Pinasco family came in and had to split up. Emily was happy that her friend Joey decided to join us. I don’t think they listened to the “homily” much, just visited quietly between themselves. When it came to the end of the “Lords prayer” we held hands and Joey squeezed Emily’s hand tightly and raised it high to the ceiling, finishing the prayer with her. Emily being kind of reserved was totally embarrassed as Joey smiled and loved every second of her humiliation. The world was a better place with Joey in it, and I am so very sorry for everyone’s loss. When I found out about this devastating tragedy I immediately added Joey and all the Pinasco’s to my daily prayers. I hope in some little way it helps. Try to grab strength from his memory. He is all around us, whether it is in a dream, a tomato, a butterfly, clouds, ocean… wherever you see the beauty of nature he is there with us reminding everyone to live each day to the fullest for him.

Saturday, December 6, 2008
Katie Sheep remembers Joey


At times like this I never know what to say and always seem to say the wrong thing. I guess the most important thing to say is that I love you and will always miss you!

Looking back it makes me think of all the memories, whether we were 11 or 21, there are so many to choose from. We all grew up together. Just thinking about the middle school relationships, 8th grade drama performances, school dances, basketball games, weekend parties while the parents were away, cheering for you and the other boys at your baseball games, the bus ride down to Disneyland, the night before, the day of and the day after graduation, park fete, Halloween, and all the other fun times make me miss you. It makes me think of how many more we could have shared.

Throughout the years you have always been an amazing friend. We would always have our “talks”. I think they started in middle school and then continued in high school when we would walk back from lunch talking about any news or drama we needed to catch up on. I still remember one day where you just looked at me and said, “Katie, it’s time for a Joey and Katie talk.” Even after high school you were one of the only people I kept in touch with. I would get so excited when I was down in Huntington and I would still get phone calls from you and we would be able to catch up on everything like nothing changed.

We didn’t get as many opportunities to see each other the last couple years but the times we did were always fun. It was always a good time with you. I loved that we could talk and stay close throughout the years. You were such a special person and one of the best guys I knew, I now that sounds lame but it’s true. There was no one like you. You could always put a smile on everyone’s face, especially mine and had a way of making everyone feel like they were special to you.

I still remember how special I felt when you would call and take me to lunch or invite me out for your birthday dinner at Stockton Joe’s (and of course you would never let me pay). That was just how you were, very traditional. You learned that from your parents. You really looked up to them and idolized the life they have together. It made you the person you were. You were sincere, respectful, loving, caring, considerate, honest, and really just a genuinely good person.

You were always the life of the party and I could never get mad at you. Even when you would do something I didn’t necessarily love, I would just have to laugh and say, “come on it’s Joey”, because it was. You had a way of making everyone fall in love with you. You had such an impact on so many people’s lives. The lives you touched will always be better for knowing you, and we are all lucky to say we did. I know I will never forget you or the memories we had together.

Love you always,

Katie Sheep

Michelle remembers her brother Joey

Joey wasn’t just my brother or my friend, he was my hero and my role model. I was constantly looking up to him on how cool he was with all the friends he had and how many people he knew. He was just a normal big brother who would pick on me, not even let me talk to a boy he was very protective mostly over me, because I am the one who is just like him very social, outgoing, kinda rebelious and so he knew how I was and would just sometimes worry about me. We didn’t always get along ,but we knew we loved each other. I remember it was the third day of my eigth grade year and there was this boy in my class that I liked and I was “going out” with him (and you would just hold hands and give hugs goodbye) but I came home and went in the living room where my brother was laying and he knew everything and I never had any idea how but, anyways he was like “third day of school and you already have a boyfriend?” He would always be on me about boys and would tell my mom “Don’t let her go there, I never was allowed to do that at her age and I was always like “shut up joey you dont know uggggh” but I look back and think he was just trying to protect me and now am so thankful he was like that. And I would never do anything to let my brother down or that he wouldnt approve of…just as if he was still here.

As we were younger I was more close with my brother because believe it or not I was actually suppose to be a boy and when I came out a girl as of what I hear he was a tad bit upset. It didn’t really matter because I was pretty much a tom boy and so I was like another boy in the family so we were pretty close and got along real well and I was always his little sister. But as time went on I started to grow up and my brother felt that his job was to start being the BIG brother and always waiting for those punks who messed with “Joey P’s” little sisters so he could go beat them up. I just miss how he would say “whos the guy?”

It was a couple years ago on christmas break when I went for my first snowboarding trip and my brother, Adri and Virginia my two sisters, John my brother in law and one of his lady friends (because he had so many of them) all went. So we get up to the top of the cliff and I was ready to get up and go and I was like “Joey I don’t know how to do this” he responded “just go!” so he shoved me down the moutain and I’m going so fast not knowing how to stop or how to even ride a board so I end up running into a tree. All these people were like”oh my gosh did you just see that boy shove that girl down the moutain?” So he felt kinda bad and was like get up I’ll teach you how. He stayed with me the whole day and I am glad to say that my brother took me and taught me how to snowboard.

In the summer my brother was dating my best friend’s sister, Mallory and I just remember it was the day of park fete and I asked if he could take me because the rest of the family wasn’t going till later. So we are driving and I was like “oh by the way can you run by and pick up Kyle (Mallorys brother)?” And I remember him getting this big smile on his face and saying “yeah I guess” So nosey me, I saw Joey texting Mallory telling her “yeah I’m picking up your brother you should come and say hi” So we pull up to the house and Mallory and her little brother Kyle come out and Kyle hops in and when Mallory and Joey are done talking we leave and Kyle says “so you’ve been talking to my sister alot lately?” Joey responded “yeah she is a pretty cool girl haha” We get to park fete and Kyle gets out of the car and Joey grabs my arm and says “hey does Kyle like know does he think I’m cool?” I replied yes Joey don’t worry. Me and Kyle thought it was so funny that our siblings were dating and we would always tell each other stuff we heard from both of them then report back to each other. It wasn’t just a Mallory and Joey relationship it was more like a Joey, Mallory, Kyle and Michelle relationship because we knew everything that was going on in the relationship and I think they got annoyed with us sometimes but thats what brothers and sisters do. haha

It was about a week before this terrible tragedy happened. I was at my friend Kyle’s house making stuff for our first high school rally and Joey was picking me up. I get in the car and we say hi and stuff then it gets kinda quiet so Joey says “why don’t you ever talk to me your always mad at me?” and all I say is “Joey be quiet” so he just turns on the music and we get home and he tells my mom that I was being rude and so we just all start fighting then I go to bed and wake up the next morning on a Saturday and my mom comes in my room and says “Michelle you and Joey are going to a Giants game together.” We both were so mad. So we go and we were ok not fighting and the day was going really good and I was just so happy that my mom made us go to that game together because me and my brother never really did anything just us two. All I could remember was the entire way there we literally listened to the Kid Rock cd at least 4 times with the windows down. I loved it. Well when the game was over we went in front of the field and took one picture the whole day of just us two. I am so blessed to have that one picture to remind me of that wonderful day me and my brother had together That was probably the last time me and Joey actually got to talk and hang out just us two.

The last time I saw Joey was Saturday afternoon he came into my room as I was getting ready to hang out with my friends and as always says, “where do you think your going tonight?” And I was like “ugggh Joey to my friends house” then he was like “ok..don’t do anything stupid” I said back to him “Joey I’m a smart girl I know”, but as he walked out the door he said “I know. You were just like me, you know I love you” He left after that and that was the last time I spoke to my brother I’m so blessed to have those as his last words to me. This has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my family. There isn’t one minute that goes by that I don’t think about Joey. It just keeps going through my head “Why him, why our family what did we ever do to deserve this?” Our family will never have a normal holiday, dinner or family get together without my brother, this has changed our lives forever, we will never be the same people. I have lost so much respect for policemen they’re supposed to be saving this world, but instead they’re going out murdering pure innocent people not just to my brother but to other Americans its all over the news. But he is still here with us and he will give us little signs that he’s here with us and that he’s ok and everythings going to be alright. I have myself, had many dreams and signs that I know for a fact it’s my brother trying to speak to me and to others. We just all need to fight for my brother ’til the end, till we get justice. I miss you so much please continue to give us signs that you’re here. There will never go a day where I dont think about you. You will never be forgotten you touched so many peoples lifes in so many ways. You will and forever be my big brother. You will always be remembered as Joey P. (Mr. Goodtime) You’re a Legend now.

Love forever and always your little sister,


Alana Ghilotti remembers Joey

Joey, the first time I met you was at your sisters wedding. My sister, Alyssa, “booty bumped” every other girl till she could shove me in your face on the dance floor and you took the bait. We danced the whole night, and then you dropped me flat on the floor, mid dip. (My body hurt so badly the next day!) It was a hilarious moment which I’ll never forget, but hope few people witnessed. You spent the rest of the night apologizing, proposing and attempting to convince me that kissing you was a great idea. Well, I did forgive you, but I didn’t say yes to either of the other questions. At the time I had no idea that I wasn’t the first girl you’d proposed to nor would I be the last. (Based on the other blogs I’ve read.) When I awoke the next day I had a slew of voice and text messages from you. You had an undeniable charm which few guys could pull off while yelling at a lady to get their butt to the bar. Let’s just say I was intrigued.

For the next few months we “text flirted” quite a bit and occasionally talked on the phone. You were always trying to convince me that you were the good guy and not the “player” which I thought. Well, once again your secrets were revealed and Joey, yes you were quite the player, and a darn good one. But no one would have wanted it any other way.

I talked to you the night you died. It was the evening of my sister’s house warming party and Adri was there. We talked briefly about you, and it had been a while since I had heard from you. So I decided to initiate a text message conversation. We joked, chatted and flirted as always. I asked you if you missed me and your reply was “Yes, of course.” You then asked if I missed you. In my ever present sarcastic and guarded nature I said, “No.” I still struggle to deal with that. That was the last thing I ever said to you.

Joey, I do miss you. I think about you all the time. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry but your there. There are many things which I regret in our brief relationship. I should have always said yes. So, Yes Joey I will kiss you. Yes Joey, I will marry you. And Yes Joey, I do miss you.

Laken remembers Joey

Joey and I met in high school when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. I have so many memories of Joey I don’t even know where to start. They range from San Francisco, my cabin in Santa Cruz, all the weddings we went to together, fishing trips, snowboarding at dodge and bear valley, formals and proms, family gatherings, Giants games, to the first time I ever went to the fair, and I know I didn’t even name half of them. He was more than just my boyfriend for a couple years; he was one of my best friends for years after that. We would talk about anything and everything from our families, our friends, our jobs, to whoever we were dating at the time. His personality and heart were like no other.

We started dating on December 2, 2003 and his other boyfriend, Blake, and my best friend, Emily, started dating on December 4, 2003. Us four did pretty much everything together for the next two years. Almost every weekend Joey would drive my suburban and we would all go snowboarding up at Dodge. He LOVED to embarrass Emily and me by turning up the system as loud as it would go with all windows down and playing RUCA by Sublime. I would duck down in my seat. The first time he took me snowboarding he took me on the frontside on that run that has the little curve. He rode the lift up there with me and I totally ate it getting off and pulled him down with me. I was so mad because then he left me with Emily who wouldn’t even teach me. I was done after a half day and he learned not to leave me and started making snowboarding trips for just the two of us. ha-ha. The trips didn’t last though, I always ended up with Emily and he always ended up with Blake.

My family tried to throw me a surprise birthday party for my 16th birthday and let’s just say it wasn’t much of a surprise. My mom ruined it by leaving the invitations in her closet and Joey gave it away even more the day of the party. He was driving in his little S10 that I could totally hear on the phone probably going to pick up Blake and he was trying to convince me he was at home. We ended up getting in a little argument because I knew he was lying but he was just trying not to ruin my surprise. Sure enough when I get to my grandma’s house I see Joey, Blake, Emily, Nikki, and Shella. Joey always felt like he had to impress my dad for my dad to like him. We started a game of volleyball with all us volleyball girls on one team plus Joey and Blake, and my family on the other. Joey would not let anyone touch that ball unless it was Blake. It was so funny to watch him try to act like he was the best at volleyball because he was horrible. We were all just laughing at him because he thought he was so good and was trying so hard to impress my dad. He just didn’t know that my dad already liked him. Once we left we had six people in my little maxima car. Joey was driving and he looks at me and goes, “let’s see how fast we can go” No one else liked this idea because we had too many people in the car in the first place. Next thing you know were going 120mph down 28 mile road. He always loved to get a rise out of everyone.

Joey and I had a thing with weddings. Ever since we started dating we went to every family or friend’s wedding together if we were dating or not. The last two we went to together were his cousin Peter’s and my aunt Sharon’s. I was supposed to be his driver at his cousin’s wedding but then his sister Adri and I ended up having way too much fun and Virginia had to drive us home. I just remember the next morning Joey sitting in the kitchen making fun of me, like always, and saying how everyone was mad at me. He loved to get me all scared and then he tells me they’re not mad at me they’re mad at Adri. Ha-ha he always knew how to get to me. The last wedding we went to together was my aunt’s about a month after his cousins. It was in Santa Barbara and he drove down on a Friday night after work. The next day was the wedding and he was so mad at me because his tie was in my Tahoe from his cousin’s wedding and chocolate had melted on it and plus he didn’t have time to iron it. I thought it was funny but he always wanted to look his best and even though I kept telling him he looked fine, for once Joey didn’t say “I know I do” because his tie was wrinkled. He could be so stubborn sometimes. The day of his sister’s wedding I got a text message from him saying, “Laken I’m so upset I can’t stop crying and I don’t know who to talk to”. I remember thinking wow and you text me that. He loves his sisters so much and it made him realize how everyone was growing up. I loved knowing that he knew I was always there for him as I knew he was always there for me.

When my mom called and told me what had happened to Joey I told her she was wrong; she has the wrong Joey. Never in my life did I expect to never be able to talk to him or see him again. He was who I would talk to about all my problems and he would tell me nothing but the truth if I liked it or not. With all of this being my problem, it is so hard not to get his advice. I can always picture his smile and his little smirk he would often make when he would say “I’m Joey P., everybody loves me”. I always used to laugh at him and say “yah okay Joey you think that”. He was right though and he knew it. I will always love Joey just as much as I always have. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and pray for his family. I always think about how myself or someone else could have been able to prevent this from happening but there is nothing I can do about it now but look forward to seeing him again. I pray there will be justice for joey because he deserves it. I miss you Joey and I will love you forever and always.

Love, your old lady, Laken

The Naraghi’s remember Joey

Such a very respectful, nice, and handsome boy. You are so loved and missed by our family. I will never forget all of your and Laken’s snowboarding trips. We laugh and talk about our Bear Valley trip that was such a blast and a good time. Not too long ago when you and Blake walked into Hashem’s office he thought oh no what happened. Then when he heard you two say we just stopped by to say Hi and see how your family is….. that was the sweetest. He was so touched and so was I when he came home and told me. I only hope my boys turn out to be like Joey. The kids faces would just light up whenever they saw you or even heard your name. Little Meadow, “Joey, Joey, Joey” how she loved you and always talked about you. Until the time comes that we will all see you again our hearts forever hold a special place for you and your family. We love you and miss you dearly.


Hashem, Cindy, Hashie, Justice, and Meadow Naraghi

Bryan Camara remembers Joey

Joey and I first met playing baseball together in the local pony league. We immediately became friends. We shared the same interests in just about everything in our lives. George Judd, Joey and I were inseparable during baseball season. Georges dad or Joeys mom drove us to all the games, we were more focused on just enjoying our time hanging out then playing baseball.

As the years went on we kinda went are own ways. We were a grade apart so we hung out with our own class. But we always would hangout and talk still. After I graduated joey and i hung out a lot more. We started partying together on a regular basis. We were so excited when I snuck him in the bar for the first time with my fake i.d. We thought we were the coolest, I was 19 joey was 18.

We loved meeting new people together, if we were meeting someone new automatically we would tell them we were brothers. If they didn’t believe us….. a big pause, then turn sideways and say “look at the nose” And of course they had no choice to believe us. We have ginormous noses. It adds character, were ok with it.

So many memories together from the booze cruisin’ to the fishing to the shooting to the camping. We loved everything that had to do with outdoors. We were just like the song by Alan Jackson “country boys.” Joey was always down for anything, no matter what we had on the agenda he was in for sure. Me Joey and Ryan loved to drink Keystone we said it was Escalon’s beer. Joey was always proud of where he came from and how he was brought up. We love this town and wanted to raise families here and remain friends for the rest of our what we thought were long lives.

We were so proud that we were young and had our lives in order. Joey, Ryan and myself work hard and were lovin’ it. Ryan and I worked together for a crane outfit, and Joey worked for his old man who he idolized. We worked hard and we played hard. That was our motto “Seize the day.”

I remember one day at work I had to go to this job site in Stockton. I was there maybe ten minutes, all of a sudden I got hit in the head with a rock ha ha. Luckily I was wearing a hardhat. I look around and i see Joey come out from behind the shitters flipping me off. we both started to laugh and went and hugged and bullshitted for a minute then went about our day. We got a good amount of time together towards the end. One of my friends rented a houseboat this last summer so I invited Joey. We had so much fun together drinking bbq’n just enjoying our time off of work. I had just bought a boat at the time and had all my new fishing tackle in it. I come around the side of the houseboat and Joey and Ryan are fishing for catfish with my very expensive bass rods. I told him you better not break them ya jerk. He swore he wouldn’t and I left and came back to see he snapped my rod in half ha ha. I was so mad for about ten minutes but got over it quickly. Joey was the only friend that I’ve had that I’ve never argued or fought with for longer then fifteen minutes.

There isn’t a day that passes that i don’t think about him. I am still in shock over this, our lives have changed dramatically ever since. He is in every song I hear every show I watch and everything I see. I love and miss him more than imaginable. You will always be in our hearts and our thoughts joey, I love you and will never forget you

Bryan Camara

John Lewis remembers his brother-in-law Joey

The first time I met Joey was four and a half years ago when I started dating his older sister Adri. The first time I ate dinner there I felt at home. I remember Virginia would start teasing Michelle, then Joey would say something to Adri, and Adri would say something that would annoy Joey. I would sit there laughing enjoying every moment. They all knew how to push each others buttons. It was the typical sibling love for one another. I ended up eating dinner every Sunday night at the Pinasco’s. Joey and I would talk about fishing, hunting, and how much we both loved to gamble. We had a lot in common. I remember many times I went to visit Adri and she didn’t see much of me because Joey and I were playing video games. Joey was like my little brother.

A few years later Adri and I got married. I was honored to have Joey in our wedding. He gave a speech and talked about how I would give anyone the shirt off of my back. That meant a lot to me, especially coming from Joey, because I was marrying his older sister. Two months after our wedding I was falling behind at work and Joey asked if I needed any help. I was shorthanded so I said yes. Joey said he had to work the next day but he would come by after work. He showed up and I showed him how to disk the field. I left him to catch up on a few other fields and before I knew it, it was starting to get dark, so I headed home. On my way home I saw lights out in the field. Joey was still out disking at 9:00 PM. on a Saturday night. I called him and told him it was late and he should go home. He asked if I needed him the next day. I told him that it was Sunday and he didn’t have to come. Sure enough he worked all day Sunday to get the field done. Joey gave up his whole weekend just to help me. Joey is a true friend and a true brother. I was truly blessed by God to be a part of the Pinasco family. Joe and Toni are amazing parents. They have raised their kids with strong morals and strong Catholic values. They should be proud of the man Joey turned out to be. Joey has the heart of Toni and the strong will of Joe. He was proud to be a Pinasco. He looked up to his parents and always had the up most respect for them.

About a month after Joey was taken from us, I was checking my field of tomatoes that was about to be picked. I did this by cutting them in half to see if they were ready. The very first one I cut seemed to look different than they normally do, so I looked at it a little closer and it was a perfect cross in the center. I cut a few more to see what they looked like, none were anything similar. I took it home that night to show Adri, when I remember what field I was in. It was the field Joey had disked. I knew this was a sign from him that he was ok and in heaven.

I will miss you Joey. I promise to always look after your sisters because I know you would do the same for me. You are an amazing friend and an awesome brother. I also promise that your name will never die in vain. The two Godless, spineless, scum that call themselves peace officers will have their day. A day will come when they will be judged. They will stand before God and answer for what they have done. They will have to answer for the pain and suffering they inflicted, not just on a God fearing family but on a whole community that LOVE Joey P. This shouldn’t have happened, especially to Joey and his family. I will continue to fight until there is justice for joey. I love you Joey.

John Lewis

Friday, December 5, 2008
Carly Alves remembers Joey

Joey was a senior when I was freshman, and anyone who went to Escalon High knows that as a freshman it is scary to walk down main hall and in between the senior benches. It may have been scary for a week or two but with a friendly face like Joey’s, it didn’t seem all that bad. I first met Joey through Blake, my sister and Laken. For about two years he was around quite often. He had such an outgoing personality and was always so nice to me. He told me once that if any guy ever hurt me to let him know and he would do something about it. Naturally, when that first boy hurt me Joey and Blake were the first people I wanted to tell. They both told me I could do better, but that day at school when I asked Joey what he was going to do, he proudly said that he had given that boy a dirty look. Truth was he was such a friendly guy he didn’t want to hurt anybody. After Joey graduated I didn’t see him all that often. I would occasionally see him driving down my street heading home from Blake’s and he always rolled down his window to wave. Every time I did see him though, he would greet me with a hug and ask how things were going. I was excited to see Joey was at Park Fete this past summer. He was kicking back and having a good time. He always had a smile on his face. We talked for a while and joked about how old he was and that Virginia was already a senior. Luckily for me Virginia and I had became close in P.I.T two years prior. I loved getting to know her better and watching the way she looked up to her older brother. Mr. French would always ask her how Joey was doing and when he was coming in. He was such a well liked guy. Nobody knows why things like this happen and I find myself constantly wondering why him, why this family. The Pinasco’s are such an amazing family and my love, thoughts, and prayers are always with them.

Emily Alves remembers Joey

Joey and I became good friends when I was in high school. We were friends on our own because of PIT and became even closer because he dated my best friend and I dated his. For two years Joey, Laken, Blake, and I did everything together. This ranged from Harry Potter and Chevys to Formals and Fair.

Some of my best memories of Joey are from snowboarding at Dodge. We all went almost every weekend. It always involved Joey driving, us getting sandwiches and amps at SaveMart and listening to Sublime on the drive. Joey liked to blare Sublime as we pulled into Dodge and roll down the windows and sing to embarrass me and Laken. He put a scratch in my board before it ever touched snow from dropping it and liked to point out at the end of the day all the new scratches I had given it. Joey was ALWAYS talking about nature when we were on chairlifts. He wanted to know how old all the trees were and imagined everything they had seen in their lives. One weekend we went to Bear Valley with the Naraghis. Joey was on the snowmobile in front of me and he was making it swerve back and forth. I thought it looked cool so I tried and ended up crashing into a tree and a snow bank. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be cool like Joey.

In PIT, Joey and I always talked about our relationships. He would tell me to be nicer to Blake and I would tell him why Laken was mad at him. Joey always told me it didn’t matter what I did, Blake would always like him more than me. I always knew that was true even if I would never admit it to Joey. Joey and Blake had a friendship like no other. They really were “fratellos” from the start. They shared a love of snowboarding, Sublime, Lynryd, and being Italian.

Joey was always trying to make people laugh. We would be in line at a movie or out to dinner and he would randomly accuse Laken of farting. He would do this very loudly so everyone around us would turn around and see who he was talking about. Laken obviously hated when he did this. Another time, the 4 of us went to dinner at Sonic. We were on the way back into town and Blake and I were in our own little world when Joey slammed on the brakes and we went flying. When we asked for an explanation, Joey said there was a cat. From the grin on his face, we all knew there was no cat. Everything that needed an explanation from then on got blamed on “damn cats.” He even tried to make me laugh in church. He sat by me one day and during the Our Father when we slightly lift out hands up, he raised mine as high as my arm would go. I was trying to pull it down but he kept it raised in the air the whole time.

When I was moving away to school, Joey text me to see how I was doing. He asked me if I was planning on joining a sorority. I said I didn’t know and he went on to tell me all about how Adri had been in one, so I would probably like it…A few months later, I joined a sorority. I came home for winter break and was going out to dinner with my sister and Blake when Joey pulled up next to me on First Street. I rolled down my window and Joey came to dinner with us. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t talked in months, it was like no time had passed at all.

This summer was the PIT reunion. I was excited to see Joey there and we got caught up on life. He said he was working and saving up money to buy a house because it was a good time to buy. He said he was going to text me and he did…to ask what Mallory thought about him. I told him she though he was a funny, good looking guy. His response? “Of course she does, everyone already knows that about me.” I saw Joey again at Park Fete and somehow he managed to trip over my foot and spill his entire drink in my hair and all over my face. I wasn’t very happy about it and he kept hugging me until I would tell him it was okay.

I went back to Long Beach a few weeks later and whenever Joey would call Mal, I would always have to say hi. I found it hilarious that he had dated my best friend in high school and was now calling my college roommate. When Toni called Mal to tell her what had happened, we were both in such shock. We ended up sitting on the beach for a long time. On the walk back to out apartment, I noticed a butterfly following us. It was all by itself and followed us the whole way. Since then, there has been numerous times when I have been thinking about Joey and have gone outside to see a butterfly come towards me. It isn’t like there is a butterfly farm outside my apartment; it is always just one butterfly. I like to take it as a sign from Joey that he is okay and for me to calm down. Joey was an amazing friend and I feel blessed that I knew him. I will always remember his smile, his laugh, the way he referred to himself as “Joey P” and him ALWAYS talking about his family. Until we meet again someday, you will always be in my heart my friend.

Jessica Neal remembers Joey

I first met Joey his Freshmen year of high school, and he grew up to be such a handsome nice man. He always knew how to put a smile on my face. He lit up every room he walked into. Quite the ladies man he was. One of my favorite dancing partners as well as everyone else’s. I have so many fond memories with him from the beach, fairs, concerts, rodeos, birthdays, dinners, Halloween, singing along to country in his truck, one of the favorites, George Strait. He made us listen to the whole Pepper CD after we just got done watching the Pepper Concert. He even let me drive his truck that he was so proud of. We made it a tradition to celebrate my birthday at fair together, he always made it special. I remember our random conversations about anything and everything, our heart to hearts about the people we like, his funny voice mails, and text messages he would leave me. He told me he was crazy about brunettes that blondes were not really his type. But I do recall him dating a couple of blondes, and he always told me that I didn’t count because I was a dirty blonde. Joey always had such away with words and making girls feel special even if you were just his friend. Our road trip to Santa Cruz was great fun. I was so excited to be going. After a long night out on Sat. I was for sure he wasn’t going to make it to the beach the next day, but believe it or not he did. I packed him lunch, but little did I know he wasn’t a big fan of wheat bread, but he ate it anyway. I was excited for him to meet my mom at the Stockton fair. She knew him from working at the school, but she never got the chance to meet him as my friend. He dropped whatever he was doing at that moment just to go and meet her, and he seemed just as excited as I was. “Jess your mom looks just like you”, he said. When Travis Tritt was playing at the fair Joey and I snuck up to the front stage. We were practically knocking people over just so we could dance, and we were singing along at the top of our lungs the songs we knew. There was one Halloween I will never forget, he went as a Pinasco Plumber. He kept telling me that He was his dad for Halloween Jim Pinasco. I thought that was the cutest thing ever because you could tell he was proud to be a Pinasco. Joey was so proud of his family. He loved them so much, he was always talking about his sisters or hanging out with his cousin Matt. What I loved the most about him , he was a family man, and that’s the most important thing to me. Joey was always the first person I would call if I ever needed anything or just someone to go out and have a good time with because that’s what he was Mr. Goodtime. I am never going to forget all the special memories, or find a better friend. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Joey touched so many hearts. Escalon will never be the same without him. Love you will all my heart, Joey P.
Love always,

Jessica Neal

Austin Jackson remembers Joey

I would always ask Virginia,”Is your brother home?” every time I went over to the Pinasco family home. I wish that I could have gotten to know Joey more. I would always try and buy sick shirts that I thought Joey would think looked good. I tried to impress him as much as possible. I would try and make small talk with him or shake his hand whenever I would see him. There is one memory that I will always have with Joey. It was over summer. Toni and Joe we gone to Tahoe and I was over at their house with Virginia and Tera. Virginia was getting stuff because she was staying the night in town. Joey, Blake, and Trevor were all out in the front room playing video games. Joey just got Madden 09 and they we just kicking back playing it. Well I finally got the guts to go out and sit and watch them play. Then Joey asked me if I wanted to play and so of course I said yea. It was pretty fun kicking it with him and his friends, the whole time I was just thinking to myself, Man maybe Joey likes me. I will always cherish this memory of hanging out with Joey. I respected and looked up to him so much.

Virginia remember her brother Joey

My brother is and will forever be my hero. My brother is just like any brother, he picked on me, played dumb tricks on me and always, ALWAYS looked out for me. He’s the type where if I came home crying he’d say, who am I beating up now? He always had his eye on me. He’s my big brother and would do anything for me. Recently we would talk more about things, because I was getting older and we could relate more. I miss him coming in my room and laying on my bed and just talking to me about things. I am so proud to say my brother is Joey P. and yes I am using present tense. I hate it how people say oh, you had a brother. NO. I HAVE a brother and will always HAVE a brother. There are four kids in my family and that will never change. No one can replace him and I think about Joey every minute of every day. My family’s lives are forever changed. The assholes who did this I hope feel pain. We lost someone who meant so much to an unimaginative amount of people. This isn’t fair and my brother needs justice. I can no longer watch violent movies because of what happened. My thoughts of everything are incessant. He didn’t deserve this, he was such a wonderful person and did nothing wrong. I think every day,”why couldn’t it have been me?” But with all of the sorrow in my life I have no doubt in my mind that he is in heaven watching over all of us and not wanting us to be sad. It is just hard. I constantly find myself calling my brother’s voicemail just to hear his voice. Over and over. I love him more then words can express and will always miss him and his gorgeous smile.

When my brother was taken from us I had a very detailed dream about a month later that felt so real. It started out with me walking down the hallway and I see my brother Joey hugging my family members as if he was visiting us. So I walked up and my brother greets me so happily. He hugged and kissed me and said. “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Stop worrying about things. Life’s too short.” I just smiled and then asked, “so how is it up there?(heaven)” and he replied,”it’s so pretty, it’s really bright and colorful. I get to fly around (and he flapped his arms as if impersonating his wings) and said, “yeah I get to fly around and I live in this HUGE white house,” and Adri, my sister, asked,”whiter then my house in Stockton?” Joey said,”yes waaaay whiter.” Then we all sat down at the kitchen table and Austin was in a bar stool and Joey turns to him and puts out his hand for Austin to shake and says,”Thank you.” To me, I’m pretty positive he meant thank you for being there for my sister. Which was sweet. Then Joey got up as if it was time to leave and go back to Heaven. So he hugged and kissed each of us and kept saying,”don’t worry.” That concluded my dream.

I feel I had this dream for a reason. The night before I had this dream I had a horrible day. I wasn’t doing too great in golf and I was under so much pressure to do good and I wanted to make all league for my brother. So I was stressing out for not doing well. Then I had this dream and I felt a sense of reassurance. He told me not to worry about things and he said life is too short. After that dream I played the game of golf because I loved the sport, I tried my best, and gave it my all. This season I did make All League. I did it for my brother. During the summer he really pushed me to practice because he knew I had the potential. I hope he is looking down on me and is proud of my accomplishment. I will miss you and think about you forever Joey Anthony. Protect us down here. I await the day we get to meet again. I Love you.

Love always and forever,

Your Sister Virginia


Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Vanessa Gonzalez remembers Joey

Joey and I went to middle school and high school together, from the 6th grade to the 12th grade. Throughout that time in our lives we naturally got along but what genuinely bonded us was the fact that we both shared such a love and appreciation for our families. Although we made so many memories back in the day, I will never forget summer of 08. It was my first time spending summer at home since high school and it was so crazy seeing and hanging out with everyone once again, especially Joey. We reminisced about how his mom used to make him a bagged lunch everyday and how I used to always steal a bite. She made the BEST turkey sandwiches ever and I was jealous. He even rubbed it in by saying “hey I am 21 years old and she still makes me my lunch everyday before I go to work, and she always will.” My little cousin and his little sister were in the same grade, and we could not stop talking about how old they were getting and how weird it was for us because it made US feel so old (even though we CLEARLY weren’t).

Being nosey as always, I frequently interrogated him about girls, and he of course always replied saying “we are just friends.” I really loved Joey’s outlook on life. He was all about living in the “now.” One night I will never forget was after a LONG night at Shorty’s. He got his tab, and just laughed. I was like “wow, is it that bad?” He just signed it and said “oh well, it happens, now lets go to the VI!” Good times like this make me think of actually being at the VI. I specifically remember all of us girls dancing to Shania Twain’s “man I feel like a women,” and then looking over to see Joey, the only guy dancing with all of us. And he of course knew all of the words.

Times like this, good times at the houseboat, park fete over the years, and memories from the past are unforgettable moments I will never forget. He posted a picture of me and him at the houseboat with the subtitle saying “Vanessa and me, honestly didn’t think I’d see her as much as I did this summer but it was deff. fun,” and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Joey, you have done so much for us all us, and I will forever treasure what you have done for me as a friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the good times. Your memory will forever remain in my heart.

LOVE you. -Vanessa

Monday, December 1, 2008
Johnny Norton remembers Joey

It’s interesting how passing comments, simple gestures, and friendly smiles can stick with someone over the years.

I had the opportunity to grow up with Joey in our little town of Escalon, and played with him on a few baseball teams as kids. When first learning the game of baseball, I played in the Babe Ruth league and faced Joey a few times while he was on the mound and I have to give it to him…he threw some heat when he cranked it back! On the Escalon High baseball team a few years later, not much changed…Joey was still better at baseball than I was, wore his hat a little to the side that I couldn’t quite pull off, but there was something different about him that I didn’t notice before: his humor! Joey had a knack at jokes, story telling, livening situations, and the ability to turn the most “serious” sporting scenarios into laughter when the coach wasn’t looking.

You don’t come across unique individuals like Joey everyday–they are few and far between–and when you do, you make sure to become their friends.

I’ll miss you buddy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Jackie Rodriguez remembers Joey

A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think of Joey. I think all the time of that night, things could have been different, he could have just went home. Since I was leaving the next day to Europe he wanted to come say goodbye. I remember word for word the last text he sent, “okay have to drop a friend off, be there in 20 min, will you be up?” I wish things could have been different. He was too young, my heart is broken, and I feel for the Pinasco family.

I couldn’t believe the next day, I was just with him the night before, I still can’t believe it. It all seems surreal to me that this all happened. I am here, in Madrid, Spain, and was not able to attend the rosary, funeral, or candlelight vigil, It just still seems surreal. I think about him everyday, I look up to the heavens and know he is down watching over all of us, getting us through this tough time. Be our strength Joey, for all your friends and family who miss and love you so deeply, Our guardian angel.

I saw him the Friday night before and it was way random, I was so happy to see him and I just kept hugging him. He was so happy for me, studying abroad. We caught up like I was never away at college. Joey was always so caring for his friends always smiling, always so happy for them doing good things in life.

The night before, Saturday, we were having a funny conversation about how I am studying abroad in Europe and was going to find my prince here and become a princess, and he said nope “Jackie in 5 years I am going to make you a Pinasco!” and I said laughing, “Okay Joey I’ll become a Pinasco!” Fun times. It all started in sixth grade, I remember little Joey when I was in eighth grade and he had a crush on me, it was so cute. And I always had a crush on him too. He told me that night I had always been his ‘forever crush.’

My thoughts and prayers are with the Pinasco family, such a great family and such a horrible thing that happened, they do not deserve this. justice for joey! I love u Joey and miss you. Only God knows why the best ones are taken away so early, so young. Pinasco family you are in my prayers, everyday.


Jackie Rodriguez

Monday, October 20, 2008
Dusti Weston remembers Joey

I remember the first time I saw Joey, Mr. Oliveira’s class my freshman year and his sophomore year and I remember instantly thinking oh my gosh he is the hottest guy ever, haha, of course coming from a freshman it meant a lot. That year in class Joey and I became pretty good friends and that crush went away and I saw Joey as an older brother who would always give me a hard time and tell me how much of a blonde I was for asking that question. Throughout high school Joey and I didn’t have many other classes together but would always run into each other at some point in time and laugh about the stupid stuff I said in class. As we both got older we would see each other at parties and I remember Joey as the boy every girl would rush up too and give the biggest hug to him and just laugh at him the whole night from one of the funny things he would be doing that night. Everyone loved him. When my best friend Liz called me that Sunday afternoon to tell me what had happened I was shocked, I had so many questions that nobody could answer at the time. Still to this day I have so many questions, I don’t know why God decided to take Joey from us so early but he is up in heaven looking down on all of us and smiling like always. I miss Joey everyday and will never take off my “justice for joey” wristband until the day the Pinasco family and friends get justice. I love you Joey and miss you everyday…. if Joey were reading this he would laugh and say what he told me almost everyday in class….”Dude Dusti seriously are you really that blonde. Ahhhh you know i love yaa.” love you to Joey. Keep us safe and watch over your family.

Monday, October 6, 2008
Jackie “Polly” Kaufman remembers Joey

I wanted to write a little something, to let Joe, Toni, Adri, Virgina and Michelle know how sorry I am for them losing such a wonderful son and brother. When I see them now, I am at a loss for words, because I know that nothing I can say or do will make this tragedy go away.

When my brother John started dating Adri, I was so excited that he had met such a happy and beautiful girl. Then as time went on I had they pleasure of meeting her family. They are such great people. Joe and Toni have raised the kindest and most polite kids. Their family bond is amazing, they do everything together. Being an older sister, I always want the best for my little brother, “John Boy” and I was so happy that he married into Adri’s family. He now had little sisters and a little brother. You all took John in as part of your family, and I thank you for that.

I had only know Joey for a short time, but he made such a lasting impression on me. Joey always had a smile on his face and he was so kind to my son Spencer. Joey was always so polite and you could just see how much he loved his family. I don’t know how to put it in words how awful I feel for Adri, John, Joe, Toni, Virginia and Michelle. Please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Love and Prayers,

Jackie “Polly” Kaufman

Donna B remembers Joey

This is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do…Its hard to think about it, but when the pain is so deep that it takes your breath away,it becomes ALL you think about.

The only way to breathe again is to hold tight to the memories. Memories are like Gold, treasures for your heart to hold. I feel so blessed and lucky to have the memories Joey left in my heart.

We loved Joey Pinasco! He had been a welcome addition to our extended family. Joey and Blake had been almost joined at the hip the past 5 years, and to our youngest son Trey, Joey was like a second big brother, The genuine bond they shared was real.

I miss his wonderful smile,

his hearty laughter,

his humor,

his healthy appetite,

I even miss pickin’ up and throwin’ away his “spitters”

But, most of all….I miss seeing him tiptoe out my front door on Sunday mornin’ in his stockin’ feet, headed home, so he could attend church with his family.

Joe and Toni, Adri and John, Virginia, and Michelle… when Joey talked about his family, his eyes were full of love and pride, after becoming as close to you all as we have since this heart wrenching loss, I realize that Joey was the wonderful person he was, because of you!

I will NEVER forget you Joey P. You were important to me! You are gone and there is an emptiness in our lives.. We won’t let anyone forget!

“Roll on, roll on Roller Coaster we’re one day older and one step closer..”

Roll on, there’s mountains to climb, Roll on we’re on borrowed time,

Roll on Roller Coaster…Roll On………….Kid Rock

Love You Joey P.


Donna B.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Jim and Crystal Ballard remember Joey

I thought if I waited a while to do this it would be a little bit easier, but I was wrong. Although a month has passed, the pain and sadness that I feel has not lessened.

We met the Pinasco family about 12 years ago, shortly after they moved into their beautiful home. It seemed that we had a lot in common, for it was only 5 months earlier that my family had moved in, one street up. Our husbands both wanted to get our families away from the chaos of Stockton and into some peaceful country living.

Our families’ friendship blossomed over the years and I came to love all of the Pinasco kids as if they were my own. In their younger years Virginia and Michelle were at my house daily playing with my own children, Adri was my babysitter, until she went away to college, and Joey was always a perfect gentleman, even at the age of 9 or 10 when they moved to the Collegeville area. As Joey grew older he became the kind of son that any father would be proud of. He would gladly drop whatever he was doing and run to help anyone in need. I can remember days where he would stop by just to say hello to my husband Jim and see how we all were doing. As Joey grew older it was amazing to see how much he loved his family. He was the kind of big brother any girl would love to have. Boy did he keep a watchful eye on his sisters. Toni would often tell me how Joey was always telling her, “Mom, you can’t let the girls do this and you can’t let them do that and you don’t need to let them go there, you need to keep them home.” He loved his sisters and was always looking out for their best interest. Although I do remember Adri and Joey going at it quite a bit, the love they had for each other still shined through, especially at Adri’s wedding, there was so much love in room and just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

No parent should ever have to bury a child. It’s every parent’s nightmare and for our dear friends Joe and Toni this very nightmare has come true. My heart breaks for the entire Pinasco family. I think one of the things that hurts me the most, is knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to make my friends feel better or ease their pain, even in the slightest bit.

Jim and I send our love and prayers to all of you and we hope that God gives you the strength to hold tight to your faith and fight for Joey. You will always have us right at your side….justice for joey!


Crystal and Jim Ballard

Monday, September 29, 2008
Brande Voss remembers her cousin Joey

Brande remembering my dear cousin Joey

Joey was and will always be my cousin. I’m 13 years older then Joey and live 300 miles away, so I haven’t been around to see the handsome, funny & loving man Joey had become till I came home for Adrianna’s wedding. When I first saw Joey and his amazing smile in March, I gave him a hug and told him how handsome he was, and his response was “I know, the girls love me” and we laughed together. Then he looked at my twin sons, Tyler & Trevor who are 5 years old and started talking “star wars” talk with them, at that point my boys made a new best friend. I remember a Joey, who loved to play baseball, loved to dirt bike ride, loved to swim and loved to just have fun. Joey and my husband Jeff would talk for hours about dirt bike riding; Joey loved to talk anything that revolved around sports. I remember a time about 4 years ago when the family came to Los Angeles for a family vacation, they stopped over night at my house and the first thing Joey wanted to do was go swimming and see how fast he could go down my slide, and sure enough he was flying down my slide having a blast, then uncle Joe wanted to see how fast he could go and who could make the biggest splash…I really enjoyed this time with my cousin. I only wish in my heart that I could have spent more time with Joey, seeing him at Adri’s wedding having the time of his life dancing, laughing, socializing with everyone is how I remember my cousin Joey. Leaving the wedding, saying my good-bye’s I never could have imagined that I would never see my cousin again, never see his amazing beautiful smile or his big brown eyes. I wake up every morning and think of Joey, what I think is this…When I told my little boys about what happened to mommy’s cousin, Trevor looked at me and said “mommy, god took Joey because when Joey went to heaven Cody (our dog who passed away a year ago) was there to meet him, and now the 2 of them are running and playing ball together on a big green field” I looked at my little boy and said “you are exactly right sweetie” so this is what I see when I see my cousin.

Joey was taken from our family much too soon. I pray every morning and every night for my Uncle Joe, Aunt Toni, my cousins Adrianna & John, Virginia and Michelle. Joey was loved so very much by his family & friends. I miss you and love you Joey…justice for joey

Lots of Love,

Jeff, Brande, Tyler & Trevor

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Rob Corriea remembers Joey

I will never forget how I felt that day Joey was gone, I thought no way he was my pal, my buddy, my friend. A big part of my life right up ‘til the end. He talked of his family all the time. Always willing to help at the drop of a dime. He was respectful to everyone he met, a true country boy, what you see is what you get. That’s probably why I loved him so much. Because he always seemed to come through in the clutch. It must have been the way he was raised. For that his parents deserved to be praised. Joey came into my life as part of a plan and I thank you Joe and Toni for raising such a man. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and I’ll think of him daily, ‘til I see him again.

Monday, September 15, 2008
Tiffany Ogilvie remembers Joey

I was lucky enough to have met Joey this year. Our neighbor, Blake, introduced my family to him.

I went back and forth trying to decide if I should write this. I didn’t know Joey like most of you. I also do not have a lot of memories to share. Joey would come over with Blake sometimes and the rest of the boys. Of course, my husband and my 5 year old son were out either in my garage or on my driveway with everyone. I never wanted to be out with all the boys and cramp their style haha! I tried to stay inside and let them have their fun and their beers and talk and laugh at whatever it was they were laughing about. Every now and then, I would walk my daughter outside and we would come say hi, then make our way back in the house.

The reason why I decided to write this is because I just wanted to let Joey and his family know how much my little boy looked up to him. I remember getting ready to go to the gym and my son saying, “Mom, this is Joey P. like when you pee”. I just laughed, we all did, and I said hi. He loved him, and I know he enjoyed the times when he was treated like one of the “big boys”. I appreciate Joey, and all of the boys for always including my son, playing basketball with him, giving him high-five’s, knuckles, and hugs.

About two weeks ago, my husband and I took the kids to lunch and my daughter got a balloon and my son didn’t want one. When we were getting into our car, he said, “Mom, I should have gotten a balloon because then I could let it go into the sky so it can go all the way up to Joey P and my uncle Chris”.

He will always be remembered in a young boy’s heart.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends during this difficult time. It’s clear to see that

Joey P was easily loved… justice for joey.

Tiffany Ogilvie

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Michelle Pires remembers Joey

I met Joey in May 2007. My friend Stephanie introduced us at a bullfight in Stevenson. We only said three words to each other, “Hi, I’m Michelle,” and “Hi, I’m Joey.” That was it for the night. The next day my friend Stephanie texted me and said that Joey wanted my number and wanted to see me again. We got each other’s numbers and that’s where our story begins. He told me the next day that he was watching me the whole night at the bullfights and thought to himself that I was going to be his next girlfriend :) We NEVER went more than two days without talking since.

He INSISTED that I go to park fete in 2007, so I did. That’s where it all started. We clicked and had so much in common. We talked for hours. I remember I was so nervous on my way to see him. I had the butterflies. I was always honest with Joey and I told him I was so nervous. He told me, “Don’t worry I’m nervous too but I have a feeling that things will go perfect!” and they did. Joey had a way to make me feel so special and important.

Our first date was also very nerve racking. He showed up to my house and I ran outside because my whole family was over, and you know how Portuguese people are, loud and at times embarrassing. Haha so I told him that he would meet them another day. We went to Red Robin for dinner and talked FOREVER! Then we watched Transformers and we laughed and talked through out the whole movie!

On August 24, 2007, my brother/best friend passed away. Joey stuck by my side throughout everything. He supported and comforted me every day from then on out. Joey had an amazing heart and wanted me to be happy. He would always say, “I’ll do anything just to see you smile” (Tim Mcgraw-just to see you smile was one of our songs). He also texted me a few days after and told me to listen to Clay Walker-Fall. He said that song was his song to me and he wanted to be by my side no matter what. Joey put aside all of his friends because he willingly wanted to be there for me and help me through the loss of my brother. Joey was a very caring and loving guy and wanted nothing but to see the ones he loved happy.

We decided to go to Supercross 2008 at the ATT Park in San Fransico. He called me ALL morning, because of course, I was running a little late, haha. Once I showed up to his house, we got in his truck and drove off. On our drive, we talked and laughed the whole way. I kept asking, “Are we there yet?” and he would just laugh and smile his amazing smile at me and say “Not yet!” :) Once we got into the city, we rolled down the windows and turned up his birthday CD and just enjoyed the weather and ocean. We went into the pits and got to meet Carey Heart and meet up with his cousin. I’ll never forget, I had to go to the bathroom and we were in the pits, so I had to go in the gross porto potties. I set my purse (that he bought me and would take better care of it then I would haha) on the floor next to him. When I walked out, he was holding my purse and had that cute little smile of his on face again and he just looked so cute! :) We went into the field to watch the races and the clouds started rolling in. We looked at each other and said no matter what were watching the races even if it pours down rain, and we did. It started to pour down rain but we had our rain jackets and enjoyed the races! Even though it started raining, it was still one of the best days I have ever had!

Joey’s 21st birthday was also a very fun and memorable night. Of course I was nevrous because his whole family was going to be there but of course he reassured me and said, “Dont worry, they will love you. I do” :) He always had a way to make me feel better. Once I got there he introduced me to his family and we hung out with all his friends and family. By the end of the night, his WONDERFUL sister Adriana drove us to the V.I. Joey danced and sang the whole night away. He was so happy and having so much fun. Nothing could ruin his night. The smile on his face was priceless! The bar was closing and it was time to go home. By the time we got to his house, he was already snoring on my shoulder haha. I tried to get him out of his truck but he would not move. I sat outside with him for a good 45 minutes till I was able to get him out of his truck. Once he got up he ran to his room and and laid on his bed. I went in there to make sue he was ok and he looked up at me said, “Tonight was so much fun!’ Joey always knew how to have a good time and make the best of every situation!

LAC 2008 was one of the best days of my life. We didnt go together, but of course, we ended up together. Once Blake Shelton came on, he called me and we met up. He made our way to the front of the concert and just started singing and dancing! Joey was twirling me around all over the place, I think I hit everyone around me haha. But he still continued to sing and dance with me. Blake Shelton started to play his song “Nobody but me.” He stopped and put his arms around me and we just started dancing slowly. He sang that song at the top of his lungs right in my ear haha. After that day, that song became another one of our songs. Every time it would come on the radio, either one of us would text each other to listen to it.

I have so many more memories that would take up pages and pages. Times that I would eat dinner with his WONDERFUL family, the many and many dinner dates we would go on, the nights we would just lay around and talk, and nights out with his or my friends. Joey meant a lot to me and to many other people. He touched so many people in many different ways. He loved every minute of life and made the best out of every situation. I would always stress about school, work and my family and he would always tell me that everything was going to turn out okay. Joey was my best friend and he told me I was also his. We could talk about anything and not judge one another. Joey is the reason I am who I am today. He made me so much stronger and such a better person. We had our ups and downs but everyone does. We got through them and only made things stronger.

All in all, Joey Anthony Pinasco was a wonderful young man. He loved his family and friends so much. He would do anything for anyone. Joey will remain in my heart forever. I love him with all my heart and that will never change. I still don’t understand why this had to happen to such and amazing and loving person. That question will haunt me forever but I know somehow, just like Joey has been doing in my dreams, he will help me understand one day. I miss him so much and I know so many people do as well. It’s hard to wake up in the morning and knowing that I wont get a good morning text or phone call, and its so hard to get through the day without him, but I know that one day he will help everyone in one way or another get through the day.

Joey is my support and my motivation to do well in life. He always told me that the one thing that he loved about me the most was that I was my own person and I knew what I wanted out of life. He was so proud of me that I have done well in school and I will continue to for him. He is up there now with my brother and I could not ask for two better people to watch down upon me and guide me through my life. Not a minute goes by that I don’t think about you!! I love you Joey and you will remain in my heart forever!

Love always,


Carrie remembers Joey

Joey Pinasco was my cousin. There are so many memories of Joey. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at the Pinasco house. I can remember the summers that Adri, Joey and I would go to Uncle Avie’s house to go swimming. I can remember how much Joey loved to swim. He would get so excited about how he got to go swimming with his older sister. There is one story sticks out in my mind that I would like to share. When I came home for Adri’s wedding I had not seen my cousin Joey in about 2 years. I was amazed by how much he had changed. Not only his look, but his personality. I approached Joey at the reception and I looked at him and I said, ” Man Joey I haven’t seen you in such a long time, look at you, you look so good” Joey replied with, “Yes Carrie I do don’t I” and laughed and made a silly face at me. I remember we stood there laughing for a few minuets. That was the last time I had spoken with Joey. Joey you are loved by so many people. You are always going to be in my thoughts and prayers. We will find Justice for you and your family. justice for joey.

Friday, September 12, 2008
Peter remembers Joey

When remembering Joey I must acknowledge noticing his true appreciation of life. Always showing a high opinion of his own dignity. He was proud. Proud of his family, his friends, his heritage, and his namesake. Proud to follow in the footsteps of his father, anxiously anticipating the change of power for the next generation of Pinasco Mechanical. Joey was my cousin, my friend, that I loved like a brother. You were full of vigor and spirit and I only strive to become half the man you became. We will have retribution and the day will come for those responsible for inflicting such a brutal offense to bear their punishment. I will not rest soundly until we have achieved justice. justice for joey.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Sabrina Freitas remembers Joey

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you Joey. This is so unreal and unfair. Joey you were an amazing brother, son, friend and person. Every time I saw you, you always had a gleaming smile across your face. You always looked happy and excited for no reason and I loved that. You were excited to live your life everyday to the fullest and I admired that about you. Joey, I wish that I was more like you, and that I could live everyday to the fullest as you did. I have so many fond memories of you through all the years that I have known you. You were the star player at the Linden baseball games and the whole team would be relying on your home runs that you always scored every game. And of course we would converse after the game, about how you were the one who scored, and always were there to have a beer with me. How can we forget Adri’s wedding and your “superman” moves and how you stole the show, and everyone loved it. Everyone loved you Joey, not just for your dance moves, but for your personality, your charisma, your humor, your work ethic, your admiration for you family and much more. Joey, you will always be remembered and never be forgotten. You are our guardian angel watching over everyone that loves you. I love you Joey, and you will always hold a special place in my heart forever.

Love, Sabrina Freitas

Mallory Rose remembers Joey

Even though our friendship didn’t just start this past summer, I will always remember you for summer 2008. Ever since my sophomore year of high school I can remember you being Mr. Funny and making our PIT class laugh along with all the other class clowns. On Sunday mornings, well most of them, your family would be in front and mine towards the back, and when we would have to go up to receive Holy Communion I would have to pass you on my way back to my seat. I would get nervous like a young little high school girl would because you were an upper classman who was good looking and popular. I would think to myself “do I make eye contact and smile or just act like I didn’t see you and maybe chat after church?” Most of the time I got the courage to smile and nod, and make small talk after church. It went like that on Sunday mornings until this past June when our conversation became more in-depth. I was no longer a little sophomore in high school but now a sophomore in college. You weren’t class clown of your senior class, but now a hardworking young man…but still very funny young man. I started to see you more often and loved the conversations we would have, about how life is now, how we couldn’t believe where time has gone because Michelle and Kyle were in high school now. Scary!

Like a lot of people do in our town, I had a little drama at park fete (lol) and can just remember you patting your shoulder and telling me “if you need a shoulder to cry on, cry on me”, you must have said it like 5 times and I’ll never forget it because it really meant a lot to me. My summer school Anatomy class was consuming my life and stressing me out, but you were the one to remind me that I was always going to do fine and ace the tests. Your work ethic encouraged me to get through the class. If you could get up at 5am Mon-Fri, I could sure get that A I needed. I will never forget the memories of going to Lake McClure with you and friends (I think that trip beat my houseboat trips to Don Pedro for sure), hiking Pine Crest Lake and going to the San Francisco Baseball game. We couldn’t decide on driving into San Fran or taking Bart, but finally you made the call of driving because you said you loved to drive into the city across the bridge to see everything… so that’s what we did with the windows rolled down and the country music turned up. Hanging out with you this past summer definitely made it a memorable one for me.

It wasn’t meant to go this way, and I still don’t understand why God took you from us. He truly must have bigger plans for you up there. It is hard to move on with life down here and the only thing that is making it a little bit easier, is knowing you are watching all of us from up above. You are my guardian angel; you are my motivation to keep working hard at school and to live life to the fullest just like you did. Because “In a Blink of an eye that is when, I’ll be closer to You than I’ve ever been. Time will fly, but until then I’ll embrace every moment I’m given” – Mercy Me

Thank you for all the special memories you have given to me and everyone else. You have truly touched the lives of many people. You were a great son, brother, friend and much more. You will never be forgotten, not a day will go by that I won’t think about you and how you’re watching me, and everyone else down below.

XoXo, Mallory

Monday, September 8, 2008
Nancy Lewis remembers Joey

Adri,Toni,Joey & Girls,

I pray for you morning, noon & night. My heart is broken with yours.

What a courteous gentlemen Joey was. After my father Paul died suddenly last year. People would ask John, if you need anything just call. Well, Joey was one of those that did come out and drove tractor to help get the crops in.

Being around Joey watching him tease and play with his sisters, would just make you smile. What a handsome , polite kid. Joey’s speech at Adri and John’s wedding brought tears to my eyes. It was so much fun watching him dance at the wedding. All the children laughing and dancing with him , probably thinking they well grow up to be just like him. Joey was a great bother, brother-in-law and friend.

And thank Pinasco family for being the family my son John needs in his life.

And Adri my beautiful daughter-in-law. I love and pray for you.

Love Nancy

Kandace Halligan remebers Joey


It wasn’t until a few days ago, that I got out my stack of red and white St. Luke’s year books and took a long stroll down memory lane. Even in Kindergarten you were a stud! That little hair-do of yours and that smirk that was as cute as it was mischievous. We grew up together. Not just you and I, but all of us. I spent the majority of my life at St. Luke’s (from Pre-school and Eight grade) and even though you weren’t there for all of it, I have so so many memories of you. Beyond the walls of Luke’s is where my fondest memories lie. The old house with the white picket fence and the tree house. Trips to the pool by the mall in the big blue van. Trying so hard to hear what our sisters were gossiping about and then realizing that we really didn’t care that much after all. Those were the days.

All those years went by and you and I never got the chance to be big kids together. I’m still friends with a few of the “originals” Amanda, Karin, Joseph and Chante. Looking back now I don’t get how we never ran into each other… How our paths never crossed. I would have loved to have caught up and known you now. But in a way, I feel like I have gotten to know who you have become. This big JOEY P. Still a ladies man after what I heard Adri say, so I guess something’s never change. Still the funny one… jokes and one liners for days. Same ol’ Joey. I’m beginning to think we haven’t really grown up at all… Sure we’ve gotten bigger and taller and waaaaaay better looking :) but deep down inside, we’re still the little ones running the yards in our red sweaters.

Not a day goes by now, that I don’t think about you. And after what I saw at your service, I know I’m not alone. So so so many people loved you and knew how great you were! I really am honored to have shared part of your life with you, Joey. Until we meet again…

Kandace Halligan <3

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Kellye Harper remembers Joey

Hi, My name is Kellye Harper and I am from Hughson. I have been friends with Joey for the last 4 or 5 years. We had a great time together and he meant a lot to my best friend Cassie and I. I could name MANY memories and MANY talks that Joey and I had, but I know your family is hearing those from everyone.One thing I wanted to share that I know you guys would be proud of is when my best friend Brenda Caton passed away Joey was there to talk to through it all… he was so supportive and I can remember one thing he said over and over, “I am not going to tell you it is going to get easier because I think it will get much harder before that happens.” Those words meant a lot to me then, and mean a lot to me now. I am thinking of your family and I pray daily for you guys.



Friday, September 5, 2008
Alicia Perez remembers Joey

Joey P was an amazing friend. Every time I had a problem, or complaint, or just needed someone to talk to, Joey was there for me.He would always tell me how I was beautiful, and young, and life is too short and I should just have fun.And, that’s exactly what Joey did. I have way too many memories with him to even write down.

I moved to Escalon my 7th grade summer going into the 8th grade.Needless to say, the whole summer was ridiculously boring because I hadn’t made friends yet. I went to Escalon’s Annual Park Fete and I remember seeing Joey and thinking , “Who is that incredibly hot boy? I LOVE HIM.” LOL.Remember, I was about 12 at the time.Well, the 8th grade school year started and I was the new girl in town so all the boys wanted to meet me.I was introduced to all of them but couldn’t find Joey.After being introduced to all the boys, who are now all my best friends, I saw Joeys head peep out of the lunch line.I was in love.I said, “him right there,” and pointed to Joey.We went out the first day of school. Honestly, probably even before we knew each others name, but that didn’t matter.After that, he always would brag about how he was the first guy liked in town.

Well, 8th grade turned into high school and there we became even closer.We began to go to parties together, hang out, all the stuff high school kids do. Senior year a bunch of our friends decided to go camping up at Lake Don Pedro. That’s where Joey asked me to our Senior prom. I remember it like it was yesterday. He said, ” Alicia, we’re such good friends and always have fun together I would love to go to prom with you at our last dance in high school.” I was really honored that he asked me because he had been dating Laken for a few years.But he told me that they had talked about it and they had gone to pretty much all the other dances together so he wanted to go with one of his girl friends.We had an awesome time together.Took amazing pictures, which he even called us “Hottest Couple Senior Prom ‘05.”

Joey was such a Ladies Man. Every girl that met him loved him.Even better, every girl that laid eyes on him loved him. This sometimes became a problem with the girls and I, being some of his closest girlfriends.There was always jealousy, I would always have to tell him , “Joey , don’t talk to her!” LOL and just to make my day he would say how our friendship was more important then that.

Joey was so HONORED AND PROUD to be a Pinasco. He loved it, he would wear his shirt or hat around all the time. That’s when Cassidy and I came up with his nickname (which may be a little inappropriate to some) PENIS. LOL.It rhymed with Pinasco, so we just changed his name to JOEY PENIS.haha.He loved it though it became his name to me it was no longer Joey.I would yell it every time I would see him.I miss that.I miss him so much.

Just last Thanksgiving Joey, Cassidy, and I decided to take a road trip, just the 3 of us, to Pismo beach where a few of our friends were camping. We had such great talks the whole way there. He was such a good guy, a great friend, had great advice, and knew the right things to say. The whole way there he said “Alicia, we’re going to cuddle.” To get him to finally shut up about it I said “ok, joey.” So we get to Pismo had a few too many drinks to start out with and Joey decided to go to the tent and call it a night.5 hours later when I decided I was done, I go into the tent.I get in my spot and what do you know, Joey wakes up just to put his arm around me and cuddle.He was just one of those guys that I was completely comfortable with. I could look absolutely horrible and he would still say i was gorgeous.I could lay next to him and not have to worry about him trying to pull any moves on me because our friendship was way above and beyond and more important then that.Not to mention, his family taught him a great deal of respect.I will never forget that Pismo trip with Joey.

Those are some of the best memories that I have with Joey. I just want to say to the Pinasco’s that I am so very sorry for what has happened.You lost a son, a brother, cousin, nephew, and I lost My Boy, one of my best friends.God must have other plans for Joey and we just have to remember that he is in heaven looking down on us.On behalf of myself, and all of his best friends we are here for your family ANY and EVERY time that you need us. I really look up to your family seeing how strong and how much faith you have to get through this. I’ve always looked up to your family. Thoughts and prayers are with you always and forever. And, we will get justice for joey. LOVE you always and forever,friends forever<3 ALICIA

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Katie Piazza remembers Joey

Joey P,

I have had the pleasure of creating and sharing so many memories with you and your family over the years since Adri & I became friends. As any brother and sister would, you and Adri would disagree about certain things, and I would find myself sticking up for you sometimes, as I couldn’t help but be drawn to your passionate and contagious character. We would talk about how we couldn’t believe what you could get away with, but Adri & I just knew it’s because you were Joey! And even though you always put up a good fight, I know how much you respected and loved your sisters.

I remember coming back home from college and seeing how much you had grown up…You weren’t the “little brother” I had known you as, but a stud with some facial hair! Soon after being home for a little while, I was downloading songs for your 21st birthday cd, thinking Joey, 21?? Whoa!! The night of your party I will never forget the flood of friends that came through the door and the sheer excitement of celebrating you that filled the Pinasco house. You truly were the life of the party, the life everyone was there to celebrate.

A few months later at Adri and John’s wedding, I was introduced to your amazing dancing skills! Everyone was talking about what a talented dancer you were and you sure did get down on that dance floor…again, infusing the room with your infectious Joey P style. Shortly after Adri’s wedding, we shared the dancing floor at Alyssa and Joe’s wedding…I remember you acting shy at first, then your ring tone song came on and it was party time-air guitar and all. Your entire family came to dance and sing with you and we all had so much fun with you, as it was impossible not to.

This last week has been the most confusing, unfair and real nightmare I have ever experienced. Although in obvious different circumstances, your house, again, has been flooded with your friends and family, celebrating your life. You may not physically be with us here, in this crazy world, but I know you are looking down on all of us, surrounding us with your incredible spirit. I promise Joey, that I will stick up for you forever. I will always be there for your family and I will keep you in my heart. Thank you for being you.

Love, Katie

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Alyssa Ghilotti remembers Joey

I probably do not have as many or as funny of memories as those I have read and heard in the past few days but I still wanted to share my thoughts because Joey was such an amazing person. I still remember when I first met Joey, it was when I spent the night out at the Pinasco’s home, Joey was fifteen at the time. All I remember was how much he annoyed Adri, he would come into her room, taunt her, tease her, like any good brother would do. I spent many a phone calls listening to Adri telling me how much her brother was the favorite and that her brother could do know wrong, in her eyes. Somehow over the past few years Joey has gone form the annoying little brother to a confident man. Now when we talked about him we discussed his girlfriends and how much he was enjoying life.

We all got to witness this at Adriana’s wedding. It was such an amazing day, filled with so many smiles and laughter. It was so much fun to dance with Joey and to watch him dance with all the girls. I still smile as I stood back and watched him and my sister dance and he went to bend her back, and she went crashing to the floor. I smile because Joey could do something like that and it was adorable because he was adorable. I use the word vivacious to describe him because that is what his personality was. He went from the annoying little brother to the charming, respectable, man that everyone in the room wanted to be around.

One of the last times I was around Joey was at my wedding and my husband and I are so thankful he came, Joey added that extra something. He danced and smiled the entire night, my favorite picture from that night is of him playing the “air guitar”, Joey was awesome. When I think about my memories of Joey, I just keep thinking about how energetic he was, and of course how he was his mothers favorite. I just think that he must have been one of Gods’ favorites too and that is why he needed him so soon. I also think the family and the girls have the best guardian angel in the world watching over them.

People like Joey Pinasco should never be forgotten and will never be forgotten.

Saturday, August 30, 2008
Sammy Freitas remembers Joey


I find it very difficult to decide which fond memories to share because every memory I’ve had with you have been so fond, unique, and exhilarating- just like yourself.

I can’t begin to tell you how many nights I anxiously waited for JoeDirt199 to sign online so we could have our teenager talks about everything and anything, which made sense to no one but somehow you always understood.

I always thought our sneaky sisters were up to no good, but I realize why they were. You always wore a smile (sometimes cheesy =), even in the most unpleasant situations. You were the life of the party and would risk embarrassment for a good time (No, no… your Superman dance at Adri’s wedding was amazing, I promise! I’m just jealous I can’t do it).

Speaking of embarrassment…

You were always there to pick me up when I would fall. Literally…when I went flying off the barstool and landed onto the floor of the infamous V.I. bar. Who was there for my rescue? Joey P!

The phrase ” Some of God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers” may mean different things to different people. I can tell you for me it means countless concerts and phone calls from my mom and sister as they karaoke’d to your 21st birthday hit list CD in our backyard. That’s right, just my mom and my sister, no one else was there! My mom is still convinced it should have been sold in stores because everyone was missing out on such an amazing thing.

Now the amazing thing we are missing out on is you.

I really hope God answers our prayers for justice, because He already has taken you as the greatest gift.

Love you and miss you Joey

Tony Conte remembers Joey

To the Pinasco Family, I am very deeply saddened and sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Know that there are many people who will support you if you need it and try to be strong.

An Escalon kid myself, I attended high school with Joey. I had several classes with him throughout those four years and I will definitely remember him as a funny, easygoing, and laid back guy. I remember him especially from our econ and civics classes senior year — he would joke and mess with the teachers pretty often, get all into “Eye of the Tiger” before tests. It was great. I used to draw portraits in high school, and he would always joke with me that I “learned from the best” and “owed him for those drawing classes.” After we graduated, I moved away and lost contact with him. The last time I saw Joey was months ago when I ran into him in line at the bank. Our conversation was short, a quick catch up, but I was surprised when he referenced our high school conversations after all this time and said something along the lines of, “are you gonna take out the money for those drawing lessons now? I’ll forward you to collections.” We laughed pretty hard at that. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to know Joey as well as others have, but I can say that knowing him for as much as I did was enough to leave an impression and an impact on me. God bless you man, watch over your family and friends. You will not be forgotten.

-Tony Conte

Sarah Machado remembers Joey

I have known the Pinasco family for some time now, probably a good 12 13 some odd years. Joey and I went to elementary school together at Collegeville. We were instantly buds from the first time we met. It seems we were always spending time together in “time out”. The memory that has always stayed with me was in the 5th grade when I broke his thumb. I did not mean to!! But we were out playing football in the morning before school started. Kyle Pearson was throwing the ball and nobody caught it so Joey and I ran after it as fast as we could, he was gaining on me I was running as fast as I could then I realized he was going in for a dive so I was like shoot I don’t want him to get it! So I decided to kick the ball, by the time me foot hit the ball he had already dove for it and instantly was rolling on the ground holding his hand saying “you got me! you got me!” ….I didn’t know I had kicked his hand I thought he was kidding so I told him to stop being a little girl and get up. But then I realized I had kicked his hand when he rolled back over tears were in his eyes. I felt so bad so I walked with him up to the office and Toni came to pick him up…..later that day when he came back after lunch, we were learning about the presidents I remember, he came into the classroom and looked straight at me then looked down at his wrist then back at me. I had broken his thumb. I felt so bad after that. He was mad for awhile but got over it fast by the next morning we were out at the playground playing freeze tag. I will never forget that. A few months had gone by then it was close to Valentines day, and he had asked me to be his Valentine, knowing I didn’t like chocolate he had brought me some Starburst because that was my favorite candy. Joey was the most loving person. But not all the time, he used to sit behind me in the 5th grade and was always pulling on my hair and teasing me. The more recent memories I have of joey would be us both on our way to work stopping at Collegeville market in the morning on our way work. We would find ourselves talking and 20 minutes had gone by then oh shoot gotta go to work before dad gets mad we would both say, we both worked for our family business and would talk about how much we loved it. So sorry Joe if I ever made him late! But Murphy Mariposa and Jacktone, we have passed each other on those roads so many times and it is not going to be the same. One time Joey had seen me and waved but I didn’t see him and the next time I saw him he was like “hey what the heck you didn’t wave to me yesterday I saw you!” I told him I didn’t see him and I would look for him on the roads. A few days later I see him and am getting prepared to wave and all of a sudden his window rolls down and he hangs out it waving like a crazy person then calls me saying “did you see me this time!!!??” Haha yes Joey I happened to notice some crazy guy hanging out his truck waving. And from then on that’s what he would do when he passed me. I am going to miss that so much. I could keep going on and on but I wont. So Joey thank you so much for all the laughs and memories…..and I am sorry for breaking your thumb! God bless the Pinasco family and I pray that God gives you the strength to get through this. I love you guys always and forever.

-Sarah Machado

Adriana remembers her brother Joey

My Brother Joey

My brother was the most amazing young man I know. He had the biggest heart and was loved by all who knew him. This is not a speech, story, or enhanced. This was written and is being said in honor of my brother for everyone to hear the truth about Joey P.

I just recently was married in March and my brother Joey fortunately got up and said an amazing speech for me and my husband, and this is the least I can do for him. I will never be able to see my brother get married, have a family, or to just give him a hug. My brother spoke in his speech about my husband and how he would give anyone the shirt off his back. Well the reason that characteristic touched Joey was because that is exactly how he was. So very caring… he had so many friends as we can all see, who he touched with his truly special personality that was like no other.

Joey and I had a love, hate relationship. We teased, tormented, and at times were hard on one another. But I never doubted his love for me and I know he knew mine for him because I would always tease him and say I LOVE YOU DO DO. Little Do do was my nick name for my younger brother Joey but as I know realize he wasn’t as young as I treated him. He was growing up and becoming an amazing, strong, intelligent young man. He was always there when I needed him just the other weekend he came into Stockton to water my plants and feed my dog while we were out of town, but he ended up taking my dog with him for the weekend so he wouldn’t be lonely. Not to mention Joey gave me my dog and I will never forget the day he brought it home, not how excited I was but how excited Joey was to surprise me with my new puppy he had gotten from his best friend Blake. I know Joey looked up to me for approval and I wish I could tell him now how much I did approve. How honest, hardworking, and loving I thought he was.

I was constantly telling him to settle down, and grow up because he was such a ladies man! But he would always tell me that I was just jealous and that he has a lot of friends…and that he was young and didn’t need a girlfriend. The truth is I was jealous, of his friends, his fun memories and his social skills. He would always tell me he could handle anything.

What I know now is that Joey wasn’t supposed to grow up. Which is very hard to accept and I haven’t… and probably never will.

I wanted you to all know what Joey thought of himself so I found a blog he had written and I would like to read it:

the name they gave me was Joseph Anthony Pinasco but every1 calls me Joe, Joey, or Joey P except for Cass and Alicia who i am known to them by another name but that’s another story, I grew up out in the sticks in Escalon & I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love my family they are everything to me, I’ve got 3 sisters so any guy wants to treat them bad will have to deal with me the way the Italian Mob man would deal with it. I like to go out on weekends drink a few brews with the boys and making priceless memories. I love to ride dirt bikes, snow board, go to the gym, work on cars & trucks, hunt, fish, play video games and a lil poker…well just gambling in general. I work for our family business its out of Stockton its called PINASCO MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS but one day plan on running the business with my cousins. Im just a down to earth dude don’t give a shit about much but havin fun and makin a living but to sum everything up about me im Italian and thats pretty much all i should have to say.

I would like to end with a quote from Joey:….”I’m Joey P everybody LOVES me”…………………………………and everyone did.

Friday, August 29, 2008
Joey’s father remembers his son

Joey’s Dad

My son that I shall never see or talk to again was taken from us for what ever reason I hope the truth shall come forward. The last time I spoke to Joe was as he was walking out the door to visit his friends for a Saturday evening out.

Joey was just starting his adulthood in life. I knew Joey as a father, different than his friends did. Joey was really respectful to me and at times felt as if I never acknowledged the good things that he did. Emotions from a father to a son at times are very hard to express. I wish I could have hugged him more and loved him in a way he understood. All I have left of my son are pictures, memories, smells of his room, his clothes, his shoes, that I cherish like nothing else. The stories told by his friends, parents of his friends, cousins, people who crossed paths with Joey in his short life are how I can begin to know the life of my son that I never knew. He touched and enlightened the lives of so many people. The past few days since this tragic event has been like nightmare that I will never awake from. I do not seek sympathy and only want to say that he was my son, he did not deserve the treatment he took by people that did not know him. I pray that justice will prevail.

I love you Joey, my son.

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Annie Bristow remembers Joey

Joey Pinasco was my cousin and I will always be proud to refer to him as family. I grew up being friends with Adriana because we are so close in age. And of course, Joey was always there doing whatever it was we did. I remember back when we were kids playing basketball, swinging in the swing, and playing in the spa at the house on Canterbury. I also remember going to the water slides and even Sherwood pool with them. Many birthdays, every holiday, picnics of all sorts, and many weddings bring back memories of Joey.

One of my favorite memories which I will always cherish was from his twenty-first birthday party. It was time for us to leave and Joey was in a big group with his buddies. I wished him another happy birthday and went to shake his hand so that I did not embarrass him in front of his friends. He then grabbed me and gave me a really great hug. It surprised me a little because sometimes, especially amongst peers, young guys tend to act macho, but not Joey.

I came to the realization today that from now on every family function we attend will be without Joey’s presence. That saddens me greatly because his smile alone had a way to lift your spirit. On the other hand, I am secure in knowing that Joey is in Heaven watching down on us all. And that even from Heaven he will protect his sisters and his mom and dad too. To aunt Toni, uncle Joe, Adri, Virginia, and Michelle, I am so sorry that you are all feeling such pain. Thank you Joey having such a large impact on our lives and for reminding us to live everyday as if it were our last. We miss you and we love you very much.

Annie Bristow

George and Suzy Lucas send love

Joe and Toni and girls and the entire Pinasco family,

We wanted to share our thoughts and support with you all. Our hearts are broken for you and you are in our prayers. We did not know Joey, but according to our son Daniel’s friends that knew him he was a great guy who was “chill”. Joe and Toni-you are two of my favorite people from St. Mary’s and I know that Joey must have been an awesome combination of you both. And knowing or meeting the elder Pinasco’s over the years, George and I have always had a special place in hearts for Fred, Tom, John and Joey and for the wives we know-dear Debbie and Toni. We wanted to make contact with you, the family and hope this is a good venue for that. We love the Pinasco’s and send our prayers and full support. God Bless.

Love, Suzi (Lechich) and George Lucas

Marian Remembers Joey

Joey I just want you to know that I will miss you so much. This is my last goodbye and it’s going to be super hard… You were always making me laugh, I never saw you hurt anyone. I remember the first nite I met you. Anthony, Stephanie, Antoinette and me were in Pismo and you came up to me and introduced yourself. I was like wow that guy is really cute! Lol and right away we clicked! We were laughing about the stupidest things.. I never would have thought we would become close friends and from then on you called me “Mary Jane” instead of Marian. We had so much fun in Pismo, I’ll never forget that weekend, especially now. It is deep in my memory.. I also remember one night we went to downtown and we were at Fatcat.. Lol we were at the bar upstairs and the DJ was playing rap music but you were trying to make me laugh cuz I wasnt having fun, so you started square dancing! I’m not gonna lie, I was really embarrased! Haha But that’s how awesome of a person you are! You knew i wasn’t having a good night so you were trying to make me smile.. And I love you for that Joey! Unfortunately the last time I saw you was at L.A.C. I wish I had spent more time with you there.. but for the time that we did hang out, I had so much fun! You made me smile as usual! Joey, not one person can say something bad about you, because it doesn’t exist. You were an amazing person! I am so glad I met you.. Thanks for being a good friend. What happened to you wasn’t fair Joey.. But like everyone says, God has a reason for everything.. I’m not sure what the reason for taking away such an amazing person was, but Heaven has an angel now.. Please watch over all of us down here.. Keep us strong because we definitely need it now.. Now more than ever. We love you Joey Pinasco, and we will NEVER forget! May you Rest in Peace


Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Ryan Morris remembers Joey

I’ve only known Joey for a few years having worked for Pinasco for 14 years,but the years I did spend with Joey were cool ones. He always had a smile and he had the crew of Pinasco’s put down mode on,you know the kind of thing when guys who work together put each other down and all laugh about it. He was friends with my drummer Kyle Cobb who I met in Reno, but who grew up with Joey. Joey you will be missed,and never forgotten,never…..Ryan Morris

Stream of Consciousness

What do you do when you hear that a heinous thing has happened in your family? Your first initial reaction is utter shock that it is even real. Once the shock starts to wear off the anger begins. I am in the anger stage of my grieving process. I sit and stew on the events that transpired and ask myself why in world this is happening. The more I stew the more anger that is built up inside of me. I want to love and support my grieving family. I know that this anger is only temporary and the energy is better spent positively than negatively. What do you do though? I tried to going to the canal by my house, happens to be the most rural area that I have access to as a city dweller, listening to good fight music and physically exerting myself by shaving time off of my 10K pace. This works for small moments, but still the thought lingers that I will never have the Italian Gardeners Picnic, or a Monday night IAC dinner, or an Easter Sunday in Sutter Creek with my cousin.

Easter Sunday is an important family get together for the Pinasco’s. When I say family get together, there are upwards of 150 family members that attend, and they are all family in some way or another. We used to go and hike down to whatever creek it was, at the old spot for you family members reading this, and skip rocks in the creek. We might have done a little more than skip rocks, mischief follows young curious boys, but Joey was one of the little guys, along with my brothers, that were members of the group of little tag-a-longs. This of course was more of a pain in the rear for us much more mature and older folk than it was a blessing, so we thought. The little guys there cramped our style, if you know what I mean. They were ever there though.

Annual Gardener’s dinners at the Growers Hall, summers in Santa Cruz. As we grew older the band of 14 some odd cousins, I guess I could name them off to get a count, but I won’t bore you with names. 14 some odd is going to be the number. So, with 14 some odd cousins that continue to grow older in a tight nit family, we became more like brothers and sisters than merely cousins. Joey had fast worked his way into the brotherhood of the older group. The younger Pinasco’s had worked from the kiddy table and were boldly taking seats at the adults table. This could be because the kiddy table was being inhabited by another generation of Pinasco’s, Bulleri’s, Barth’s, Barro’s, and Bristow’s midgets, or that the youngsters of old were now full fledged peers.

Here lately, Joey began coming to the monthly Italian functions with our group. These are the times that I will choose to remember him by. Lively, witty, loyal, respectful. Deep conversations regarding our dreams and aspirations with the family business. Passion driven opinions on how good or bad the food was. Cramming three people, completely legal might I add, in my Toyota Tacoma extended cab and making the trip to Cherryland from Willow St. Talking about the love and respect that our family has for one another and appreciating the discipline that was taught to us by our fathers. He had an uncanny ability to entertain. The elders of the club always inquired about when he would officially join the club.

You know Joey, you are going to be missed by this family. Your name will always be gold in our eyes. Your exit from this life just means that the big guy has some pertinent business that could only be taken care of by you. Take care of business man, we will hold it down, down here.

CHP – License to Kill

License To Kill

CHP – California Highway Patrol – who are they and what are they trained to do? Murder is what I see, with a coverup. Joseph Anthony Pinasco, a vital, loving, kind generous, and faithful young man was shot to death early Sunday morning for no good reason. He was only 21 years old.

Joey was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend. His life ended in an unnecessary barrage of gunfire that looked like war zone. Why? What would cause 2 California Highway Patrol officers in one car to empty their guns into him? Ten year veterans should have known better. He wasn’t a criminal and had never, ever been in trouble with the law.

CHP – with computers in your car – run the license plate, meet him at home, ticket him, but don’t kill him. Joey’s home was only two minutes away across the corn field. An eyewitness, the owner of the fence Joey wrecked into, said his truck never left from the moment of impact because his headlights blared right straight into their bedroom. They could hear the wheels spinning from Joey’s truck. Then they heard “Stop, stop” and 2 seconds later a barrage of bullets. Silence fell again and they looked out. Joey’s wheels were still spinning, truck not moving, and another round of bullets were fired into his truck. His wheels were still spinning, the truck was stuck in a ditch and hammered into a pipe fence.

CHP had to reach in and turn off Joey’s truck. It was the CHP who moved towards Joey, not Joey towards the CHP. He was stuck in a ditch – hammered into a fence. His life ended. A tragedy that should have never happened. He was only 21 years old. Joseph Anthony Pinasco was murdered and to cover it up the officers said he tried to run them down. CHP – License to Kill.

Heartbroken forever,

Joey’s Aunt Debbie Pinasco